If you are trying to finish off your space and add more design, you may want to choose an area rug to do it. Area rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that can help to accentuate any design style you may have chosen for your space. When choosing the right area rug, one of the first things to look for is the type of material you want. This will help to narrow down what colors and textures you can expect from your area rug. Green Steam Carpet Cleaning is here to share the most common materials that area rugs are made out of.

Two Categories for Area Rug Materials

Area rug materials fall into two basic categories, natural fibers and synthetic fibers. The specifics of the rug including the color, texture and style will vary greatly from one type of fiber to the next. Here is a rundown of the most common materials that area rugs are made of both natural fiber and synthetic.

Wool Rugs: This is one of the most common choices among homeowners. It is extremely durable and easy to dye so the design choices are limitless. Not only will this type of rug withstand high amounts of traffic, but you can count on comfort as you step on it.

Silk & Viscose Rugs: Silk rugs come in deep, rich colors because they are so easily dyed. While they add depth and beauty to area rugs, they aren’t often used on their own because of their delicacy. These materials are often combined with durable wool material to help strengthen the fibers.

Jute & Sisal Rugs: These grasses make beautiful, organic rugs. Extreme durability make them a great choice for high traffic areas. However, they are not a soft rug. These materials are often coarse and rough. If you are someone who deals with a wool allergy, this may be a good choice for you.

Cotton Rugs: Cotton is an easily dyed material and makes a great durable rug. You will find cotton rugs are often braided and used in a flat weave that isn’t a very luxurious material, but rather casual. The good thing is that you can often machine wash these rugs.

Nylon Rugs: One of the most common synthetic choices, this manmade material can be easily customized. They are budget friendly, but aren’t as durable as some of the other rug options.

Olefin Rugs: This material is made to look much like wool, but will cost a fraction of the cost. You won’t see as much durability as you will with wool though. Furniture marks can prove difficult to remove, but the cost may be worth it to you.

Area Rug Cleaning in Greater Santa Monica, California

It doesn’t matter what type of material your area rug is made of, proper maintenance is key to extending its life. A big part of that maintenance is professional cleaning. The experts at Green Steam Carpet Cleaning is here to assist you in keeping your area rug clean and beautiful. Call us today!