One of the cleaning services that every home needs is to have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Whether you have a home with pets, kids or just adults you will need to have your carpets cleaned. Green Steam Carpet Cleaning offers full service carpet cleaning that can take care of general carpet cleaning, stain removal and pet odor removal as well. If you are in the market for a good reliable and knowledgeable carpet cleaning company, Green Steam Carpet Cleaning has been offering cleaning and restoration services throughout Santa Monica and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our staff being courteous and knowledgeable and able to offer expert services to our customers.

What are the Health & Other Benefits of Having your Carpet Cleaned Professionally?

Carpet Cleaning Cleans Your Carpets & Leaves Them Looking Like New: When you hire a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets they will look and feel cleaner. The carpet over time whether you have a lot of traffic or only a little will start to collect dirt and debris from the shoes, air and other objects that come in contact with the carpet. Just the dust that is floating in the air at any given moment will eventually land on the carpet and cause it start to look dirty and dingy. The longer the dust and dirt sits on the carpet the more it will become compacted and the harder it will be to remove. It is always better to clean carpets on a regular basis.
Carpet Cleaning Improves The Quality Of Air: The dirt, dust and allergens that can be found in every home can eventually make its way up in the air and that can cause people that have allergies or asthma to suffer. When the dust and the dirt are agitated such as when someone walks past it can start to cause it to fly through the air and that in turn can cause trouble with breathing. If you want to keep the air in your home at a good quality you want to be sure that you have the carpets cleaned as often as possible.
Carpet Cleaning Removes Bacteria & Germs: The germs that cause a person to get the flu can last on the carpets for up to a month and continue to get your family sick. When you have the carpets cleaned professionally the germs are killed off and sanitized so that you can ensure your family will stay healthy. Some of the bacteria that is found can also lead to mold growth which can go unnoticed and eventually cause your family to get sick. When the carpets are cleaned on a regular basis the mold causing bacteria is removed and that stops the growth of mold all together.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Protects Your Carpet From Damage: When you walk on the carpet without socks on you are transferring the oils from your feet to the carpet fibers. When you walk on the carpet with shoes on you are bringing in the dirt and debris from outside and that is being smashed into the fibers as well. The more this happens the bigger the chance is that the fibers are being damaged beyond repair. When the carpet is cleaned professionally you not only are protecting your carpet from damage but prolonging it as well.

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